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Rana Daggubaati can see only in left eye

Rana Daggubaati Bhallaladeva has seen in one eye.

If I close my left eye I can see no one : Rana Daggubaati. The madness of ‘Bahubali 2’ is now in the whole country. And the tension is also spread in the outside of the country. After the release of three days, Bahubali 2 has broken almost all the past records of box office. However, is it only why Kattappa killed the Bahubali? What is the reason?

Rana Daggubaati Bhallaladeva has seen in one eye

In the middle there is also Bhallaladeva. Rana Daggubaati who played the role of Vallaladevo has already received a lot of praise. Rana has faced a many problems to play in this role. But Rana the worldly person who makes all the visions with a single eye. Rana shared that to his fans himself in a chat show in Telugu.

In that chat show, the actor has surprised the audience with that information. Bhallaladeva of Bahubali said, “I do not see with the right eye. I can see only in the left eye. The eye that you see, this one has given me after his death. I will not see anyone after close my left eye.”

Rana Daggubaati has developed the body for 'Bahubali 2'

Rana came and told the stars in that show where the stars especially came to help the able-bodied. That helps sometimes with inspiration with words or sometimes helps with money. The Physician LV Prasad did Rana Duggabati’s eye surgery. Rana also said to inspire the mind of some special able-bodied child, “Study well, we are always beside you. One day there will be no sorrow. But you have to keep others happy and you have to be happy too.”


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