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Dangal collects worth 100 Crores in China

Mr. Perfectionist Amir Khan is the most famous Bollywood star in China.

His PK is the most money making Indian film of that country. Rajkumar Hirani’s PK has done businesses worth Rs. 100 crores in China. But this time, his movie Dangal probably going to break the record of the movie PK. And that’s very soon.

Dangal collects worth 100 Crores in China

Because the storm hits the box office of China after releasing the movie Dangal in just one week, Dangal made of 15 million rupees business after the first day of release of the movie on Friday. Now the amount of money has gone up to 72 crores.

In China, PK was trading 100 million dollars in 16 days after release. So China’s film experts hope that the record of PK is going to break in the next few days. In fact, 7000 cinema halls out of 40000-cinema hall of China show the movie ‘Dangal’. However the name of the movie Dangal has changed in China and the new name of the movie is “Shuai Jiao Baba” which means “come on, let’s wrestle dad”.


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