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Karan reveals the photos of his twins soon

Karan Johar is planning to reveal his twins first picture.

Karan Johar said, “I am a too good mother than a good father.” Film Director Karan Johar was the surrogate father of the twins recently. According to sources, twins are still in a hospital in Mumbai. They will come at home after a month. So far, nobody had seen the picture of them. Karan said that he will share the picture of his children with his fans in right time. In his words, “I am really excited. I will feel great when I shall able to show their pictures everyone. I will definitely show the pictures of them at right time. I hope that I will be able to share the pictures of Yash and Roohi with you soon.

Karan Johar is planning to reveal his twins first picture

Few days ago, the picture of Karan Johar’s twins was viral on social media. It was the agony of the industry that it was real or fake.  Karan Johar or his family member does not open their mouth about this matter. However, as a result of the statement of Karan Johar, a big part of the Bollywood industry thinks that there is no doubt about the picture is fake.

Recently on an occasion in Delhi, Karan was asked how he feels as a single parent. Karan replies, “I will be too good mother than a good father.

Karan Johar has selected his son’s name ‘Yash’ as his father’s name. He also selected his daughter’s name ‘Roohi’ as he overturned his mother name ‘Hiroo’. At the beginning of the year, the director of ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ revealed that he wants to be father in future. However, it is so quickly, no one could even slightly ignition. Now it is known that Karan was introduced paternity towards the end of February. 


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