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The secret of Kareena's fitness after maternity

How does Kareena become thin after maternity?

You may get astonished to know about Kareena’s post pregnancy fitness regime. The age of Kareena’s son Taimur has just completed one month. But entire Bollywood town is going surprise to see the fitness of Kareena Kapoor Khan after her maternity. Bebo informed during pregnancy that she wants to return the floor within one month. Although it is not complete yet, but she has prepared herself to stand in front of the camera now.

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan red lip and red dress looks beautiful

Do you know about the secret of Kareena’s fitness? According to sources, Kareena is doing Yoga on a regular basis since the birth of her first child Taimur. Recently she has been seen out of yoga class in Mumbai. Also lots of fruits remain in her daily menu chart. She is also drinking water all day. However, Kareena’s elder sister Karishma thinks that the happiness and joy of Kareena is the real reason for losing her weight.

Karishma said, “Kareena was never aware for her looks to make a distinction figure. She was wearing the dress, which she wants. She enjoys with friends in party. She has kept her mind fresh at all the times.” And that’s why Kareena is so easily could do to stay fit always.


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