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Sunny Leone lost her first love

Sunny Leone’s father caught Sunny with her boyfriend.

Sunny Leone admitted of being caught by her father while making out with boyfriend. Sunny said, “Dad saw me with my boyfriend in intimate situation.” ‘Raees’ has successes in box office recently. The reputation of Shahrukh Khan goes higher. Also Sunny Leone has caught the attention separately in the movie. After the release of the movie, she is now relaxed. Recently in an interview, she shares some unknown information of her life.

Sunny Leone hot in red bra

‘Valentine Day’ is coming. So some questions asked to Sunny Leone about the love in her life. Sunny said, “when I was a child, I was a tomboy. I first fell in love when in high school. That boyfriend write love letter for me and kept it in the book folds. Again sometimes he put the letter in my bag. I first kiss him on going to theater to watch the movie Romeo and Juliet.”

And at that time, like other people the house member caught Sunny Leone with her boyfriend. Her father saw Sunny with her boyfriend in intimate situation. And after that they moved to California from Michigan. Sunny also lost first love of her life. 


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