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Kangana confesses about her relationship

Kangana Ranaut says I am in a relationship.

Kangana confesses that she is in relationship. She has always been outspoken about her name. However, detractors told about her reputation. Yet Kangana does not retreated from her bad habits. And so she will open about her ‘Love Life’ before Valentine’s day.

Kangana Ranaut says I am in a relationship

Recently her relationship with Hrithik Roshan made considerable bitterness. The water goes inside the court. Now it is all the past. Kangana clearly said, “I am in a relationship. I want to get married this year. I hope it will be possible.”

How the heroine restrain of the breakup? According to her, “if the relationship breaks up then I need one week to manage the relationship. Whether it may be older relationship, I can come out of a relationship within seven days. In addition, once I came out of a relationship then I do not ever come back. But my ex-boyfriends wanted me to come back. However, it is also a record.”

 Hrithik Roshan is also in the list of Kangana’s ex-boyfriend

Hrithik Roshan is also in the list of Kangana’s ex-boyfriend. What does he want to return to Kangana? No… there is no answer to this question yet.


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