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Kangana claims Hrithik wants to demolish her career

Kangana Ranaut said that Hrithik wanted to destroy my career.

Kangana Ranaut was silent from the beginning of her bitter relationship with Hrithik Roshan. Complexity of bitterness was so much that their relationship goes to court. But Hrithik does not open his mouth in public too. But Kangana recently claimed such that she did not shares anything openly but Hrithik has do a lot of attempt to demolish my career.

Kangana Ranaut claims Hrithik Roshan wants to demolish her career

Recently Kangana said, “Hrithik did not say anything about our relationship publicly right now. But before opening my mouth people talked a lot inside and outside of the industry. Hrithik shared his feelings to everyone about his sorrow in the industry. He have tried to damage my career in many way. Those people told me later on the phone that Hrithik said on his side but do you want to say something on your side. Then I replied that there is no need to interfere in the matter.”

Hrithik Roshan is silent as usual after that claim of Kangana Ranaut. However, according to a large percentage of B-town, whatever in personal life, but Kangana has performed in a series of movies. In comparison with Kangana Ranaut, the career-graph of Hrithik Roshan is little down.


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