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Raveena could not sleep well

Raveena could not sleep at night after acting in the rape scene.

Raveena Tandon says I couldn’t sleep for three nights after we shot the horrific incident. She is the professional actress and she has played in various scenes for the demand of the character in the movie. But her life has changed after acting in rape scenes in the movie. She is Raveena Tandon. Once upon a time, she is the actress of many Bollywood hit movies. After acting in the rape scene in the movie, she could not sleep well for three consecutive nights or just like that. In addition, she was pursing her starring role in her sleep. What is the real incident?

Raveena Tandon could not sleep at night after acting in the rape scene

The incident happened during the shooting of the Raveena’s upcoming movie ‘The Mother’. Director Aster Sayed wrote the screenplay of the movie based on torture of a woman. On reading the script, Raveena made her such an interest for performance in the movie or maybe that is bothering for the script. Raveena recently shares, “I couldn’t sleep well consecutive three nights after her performance in the rape scene. Even I was crying continuously during the dubbing. Really the character has touched me.”

According to the source, the Director has made the movie based on the real life story of Nirvaya. However, Raveena claims, the film is based on the story of Delhi. However, the movie is not related with that incident. Even they could know that such an incident occurred in Delhi after the shooting, 



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