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Huma Qureshi believes favouritism works in Bollywood

The actress says favouritism is very much in Bollywood.

The actress spoke directly that there is favouritism in Bollywood. Many artist of Bollywood industry was clamorous on accused of bias. At times, another name was added to the list. She is Huma Qureshi. According to her, not only hard work, but how much people works in the Bollywood industry, that is to get the measure on the industry for getting chance in the movie.

Huma Qureshi believes favouritism works in Bollywood

Huma said recently in an interview, “the people of Bollywood industry are hard-worker. However, working own known people or relatives inside in the Bollywood industry is at least one of the conditions for getting the work. Many of my friends are famous in the industry. However, I still do not know any such person in the industry.” The actress also said, there is no one in the industry with whom she can sit down and make plan for her own career. Huma claims, it is very good if any experienced person beside to help her.

Huma caught the attention of Bollywood with the movie “Gang of Wasseypur’ in 2012. At that time, her performance was praised in various quarters. Some people stunned to look at her performance in the movie ‘Gang of Wasseypur’. In addition, Huma was asked the question with surprising, “Oh, do you know English? But, the same kinds of movies has came to her to offer after that first hit movie in Bollywood. As a result, Huma feels lack of a good consultant.

The next movie of Huma is “Jolly LLB 2” with Akshay Kumar. If everything is going well, the movie will be released on February 10.


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