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Alia disclose about her relationship in an interview

Alia Bhatt reveals about her relationship.

Making relationship or whether Trump – Alia candid in an interview. Her disposition is always to talk. However, it’s in very close circle. But at this time, she waffles for a long time in front of the camera. She is Alia Bhatt. A variety of topics whether it is Donald Trump or her boyfriend, came up in a recent interview.

Alia Bhatt reveals about her relationship

Do you know Alia also stole something? The actress herself shares this. Once she steals a pillow and go to bed to sleep from the set of film shooting.

Long time rumors in Bollywood industry is about the relationship of Siddhartha Malhotra with her. She doesn’t open her mouth in all about but any men of an age between 18 – 50 can be her boyfriend. There is only one condition. What is it?  Just give her boyfriend’s mobile phone to check. Alia said, “I’ll check first that the mobile phone is unlock or not.”

What is the response of Alia about the newly elected US President Donald Trump? According to Alia, “I’ll make a wall so that never to speak with Trump.”


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