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Abram inestimable reaction after watching 'Raees'

What did Abram say to watch the movie ‘Raees’?

Abram watched 'Raees' twice and what was his reaction? He is the little celeb at the age of three. He is Abram, younger son of Shahrukh Khan. He agrees with everything whatever going to shooting with his father or take action in front of camera. He has made promotion for the newly release movie ‘Raees’ with 3D glasses. At times, he already performs with the cast in the popular song ‘Laila main laila’ for the movie ‘Raees’.

Abram inestimable reaction after watching 'Raees'

What is the incident? Shahrukh said in a recent interview, Abram has already seen ‘Raees’ twice. He cried out to look his father at the big screen, ‘Go Papa Go’. The item number of Sunny Leone ‘Laila main laila’ has in the movie. Little Abram likes the song very much. When listening the song, he is dancing a little with lyrics.

After many hurdles ‘Raees’ has been released on 5th March. Viewers watch Shahrukh Khan and Mahira Khan pair first time in the movie ‘Raees’. Sunny Leone also shares the big screen first time with Shahrukh Khan in the movie. 


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