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What is the biggest fear in Alia's life?

Alia Bhatt shares her biggest fear in life.

What is the biggest fear in life? Alia Said... She is only 23 years old. But the carrier graph of Alia Bhatt reaches in the sky.  She signs the script selectively. There is such mainstream script and daughter of Mahesh also have some different type movie-script. In the meantime, she had to share the biggest fear of her life.

Alia Bhatt shares her biggest fear in life

Recently the actress said in an interview, she has one fear in her life. And that is defeated by someone. Alia Bhatt was afraid of failure.

She did not start the movie career then. She was schoolgirl then. Since then, competition was fierce in her life. Alia said on forgetting the first memories of losing one’s life, “I read in the fourth grade then. I lose in a race of school sports. That is the only lose in my school life. I felt so bad that I convince myself that it’s not a real race, that’s why I have lost it.”

Alia wants to win in each stage of life. She overtakes competition herself with her own.


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