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Raees reaches 100K likes within few hours

SRK's Raees trailer creates history reached 100k likes within few hours.

Records make on trailer, 'Raees' is going to be a big storm in the box office. Several big storms are going to be happening at the end of January month of 2017. Its forecast has matched on yesterday.  Many records of Bollywood could be turned upside down on the hit of the storm. Bollywood Basdhah is coming himself to make this storm in the Bollywood industry.  On the day of the release of the film trailer, it was seen glimpses of hope for a lot of Bollywood market. According to the experts, “It had become almost impossible for any movie to make any impact for the power of ‘Raees’ in box office.

Shahrukh Khan's Raees trailer creates history reached 100k likes within few hours.

What is the future of Hirthik Roshan starrer film ‘Kaabil’? According to the marker experts, the numbers of fan-followers of Hirthik Roshan are not profoundly less in Bollywood. However, it can be done to avoid the possibility of the loss of production but the chance of seeing the face of big profits is quite low.

What is the evidence which was received by the Bollywood market experts so that they think the movie ‘Raees’ has quite heavy  weight in comparison the fighting with other movies? According to the surveyor of Bollywood Box Office, the movie has received 1 million likes within just 3 hours 35 minutes after the release of the movie trailer. Why should we surprise on that news?

Recently the box office and bollywood record breaker Salman Khan’s blockbuster movie ‘Sultan’ took 42 hours to get 1 million likes after the release of the trailer. However, the trailer of Aamir Khan Starrer ‘Dangal’ broke that record of Sultan. ‘Dangal’ reaches the like of 1 million milestones within 8 hours 48 minutes after the release of the trailer. At times, the new record of ‘Raees’ breaks the record of ‘Dangal’. Now Bollywood Badshah is the king of new record holder.


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