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'Quantico 2' showtime will be changed

Quantico 2 viewership and TRP not up to the mark Showtime will be changed soon.

TRP goes down and the popularity of Quantico is decreasing. Despite of Priyanka Chopra’s career graph goes at the top with taking hand of US TV series ‘Quantico’ but the popularity decline on the action thriller of this second episode of US TV series.

Priyanka Chopra hot in 'Quantico 2'

According to report, “the viewership and TRP are both low in the second season in comparison with the first season of Quantico.

According to the demand of an US media report, “the TRP is not expected at all of ‘Quantico 2’. So the TV channel authority has decided to change the time of broadcasting. Demand of the report is that Quantico broadcast in ‘Prime Time Slot’ on previous Sunday.

Priyanka Chopra hot in 'Quantico 2'

That series will be broadcast at 10p.m on Monday instead of Sunday from the beginning of next year. According to the source, the TV series Quantico is removed from the Prime time slot of weekend due to low viewership of 30 million. However, the show creators explain it in a little different way. Their claims that ‘Quantico 2’ is going to come in new time slot for getting new visitors.


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