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Mahira Khan won't be part of Raees promotion

Shahrukh Khan says Mahira Khan won’t be part of Raees promotions.

The artist Mahira is not in the campaign of film promotion. King Shahrukh Khan informed to Raj Thackeray on going to his house. Shahrukh Khan is in trouble with the promotion of the promotion of the movie ‘Raees’. The reumour spreads that the Pak actress Mahira Khan can be stay in the promotion of the movie ‘Raees’. And Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Raees’ had a bit of trouble due to ‘Pakistani actors banned in India’ of Maharashtra’s Navnirman sena. However, presence of Mahira Khan in the promotion is just a rumour that Shahrukh Khan informed Raj on going to his house of MNS chief Raj Thackeray in Mumbai on Sunday.

Shahrukh Khan says Mahira Khan won’t be part of Raees promotions.

Thackeray said media, “A few days ago the meeting with the chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis made such decision that no Pakistani artist or technician will be allow to work in Bollywood films in future. Shahrukh Khan came to my house to give the news that the news of Mahira Khan presents in the promotion of the movie is only reumour. At least, Mahira Khan is not staying in the campaign of promotion of the movie ‘Raees’.

The problems begins a month ago with Director Karan Johar’s movie ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’. MNS first object with starring Pakistani actor Fawad Khan in that film. Karan Johar bounds to ensure the release the movie with the condition of not taking Pakistani film artists in the movie any more. The buzz in Bollywood industry has began since then that King Khan also might have problem with the movie ‘Raees’. The reason is that Mahira Khan is 31 years old Pakistani actress of Karachi in the movie 'Raees’. It was heard that Mahira Khan met with Shahrukh Khan in Dubai at that time for end of shooting two songs. If everything is going fine, the film will be released on January 5 next year.


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