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Deepika becomes sexiest Asian woman in the world

Deepika Padukone becomes the sexiest Asian woman.

Who is the sexiest lady of Asia? No need to think too much for the answer. Because, basically only two contestant take part in the competition to capture the top spot in this list. Who are these two? Both of them are leading actresses of Bollywood industry. Both of them are quite busy in Hollywood lately. They are gradually gaining popularity. One of them is Priyanka Chopra, new popular Hollywood actress for “Quantico” and “Baywatch’. And another one is Deepika Padukone, popular actress for ‘XXX’ in Hollywood.

Deepika Padukone becomes the sexiest Asian woman.

This time it’s hard to choose one of the two popular actress. An international media makes it easy to select one. As par every year, the newspaper ‘Britain’s Eastern eye’ has published a list of the survey. And Deepika Padukone is the number one in the list at this time. So, according to the judgement of ‘Eastern Eye’, Deepika Padukone is the sexiest Asian woman of 2016. Deepika Padukone has make Priyanka Chopra far behind in this competition but Priyanka Chopra previously won the title four times. Priyanka Chopra is at the number two on the list. Katrina Kaif is in seventh rank and Sonam Kapoor is in eighth rank in the list.

Deepika said to Asjad Nazir, the editor of ‘Eastern Eye’ entertainment department for a special interview, “This news blast smile on my face but ‘Sexy’ means may vary from one to another person. But to me sexy is synonymous with the words simplicity, self-confidence and personality.”

According to Asjad Nazir, big success is waiting for Deepika Padukone in 2017. International producers will run for Deepika Padukone for their own project. Many people of the country are now in that hope like Asjad Nazir. 


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