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Priyanka Chopra was ashamed

Watch the video which made Priyanka Chopra blush.

Why was Priyanka shame to see this video? She was ashamed. She was ashamed to look at the past. Akshay Kumar threw himself on her in that way and she also seduce him in same manner in a movie clipping for which Priyanka Chopra sat down with close her face on hand in front of an audience of millions.

Priyanka Chopra & Akshay Kumar kissing scene in 'Andaaz'

What is the matter? Recently, Priyanka Chopra took part in the popular chat show, named ‘Watch what happens live’. There some of the clippings are shown in Priyanka Chopra starrer Bollywood movie ‘Andaaz’. Akshay Kumar was co-star of Priyanka Chopra in that movie. Some intimate scenes of them in the movie are shown in the show. The host of the show Andy Cohen explained using it, “When the girl turns her face she seems like a lot of Priyanka Chopra.” The heroine was more ashamed on hearing the explanation.

Priyanka Chopra & Akshay Kumar hot in 'Andaaz'

However, many viewers of B-town have seen this event with curved eyes. Their questions, Does Priyanka regret today for acting in such past Bollywood movies? If not, why does she shy to see her past acting? However, Priyanka Chopra doesnot reply on behalf of her feeling about ashamed.


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