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Pragya's pure gold lehenga goes viral on internet

Pragya Jaiswal is hit with her 14kg gold lehenga on the internet.
The actress has acted with 14kgs gold lehenga. Yes, you heard right. It is pure gold lehenga. It is not a lehenga of historic era. This is the recent period of lehenga. And the actress was performed wearing with the pure gold lehenga. The social media is fuss with that news. The 26 years old actress, Pragya Jaiswal has acted in a telugu film. The name of the film, ‘Om Namah Venkatesaya’. Pragya starrer in this movie with the pure gold lehenga. That is believed to be.

Pragya Jaiswal is hit with her 14kg gold lehenga on the internet.

Her first look in that movie shared on social media. Since then, Pragya and her dress of pure gold lehenga is viral on internet. Pragya has written this after posting the picture, the lehenga is 14Kgs pure gold. That is enough. Everyone has only one question. That question is, Does Pragya wear 14Kgs pure gold lehenga really? Now all the talk about it.

Raghabendra Rao directed this movie is about the life stories of a fan named Hariram baba. The devotee of God Venkateshwar of the Tirupati Tirumala founded a monastery in the year 1500 BC. The movie is all about his life. Pragya will play in which role that is still unknown to us. However, everyone is interested in his wearing of the green gold lehenga.


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