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Old woman rebuked Priyanka Chopra

Old woman scolds Priyanka Chopra for trying to help her.

Priyanka was humiliated for trying to help someone.  She is now very busy in Hollywood. She was quite popular now. It is true that she makes her place in Hollywood and the ground under her feet in Hollywood is little tough but she did not endure less for that. Priyanka Chopra said that at least.  As much as she becomes popular in Hollywood, her bitter experience is coming up in her interview.

Old woman scolds Priyanka Chopra for trying to help her

For example, she said in a recent interview that she was also a victim for skin colour in Hollywood. In addition, it is also known to all that she has been underestimating in a US Talk show few days ago. Miss world 2000 was asked a question whether she could speak English or not before coming to Hollywood. She gets popularity recently in Hollywood but it takes sometimes to change the whole situation. Because Priyanka Chopra very recently said in an interview, she has been humiliated to help someone.

To inform about the incident Priyanka said, “Once she has seen an old woman standing with few bags on the way to airport. Then she move on to help that old woman. She wants to know that she will help to carry one or two bags. But the old woman rebuked her and refused to take her help. Priyanka was not prepared at all for the situation after raise a helping hand.  She gets an unexpected reply from the old woman.  


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