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Marion shares problem to make intimate scenes with Brad

Marion Cotillard shares the secret about allied intimate scene with Brad Pitt.

What was the problem for the intimate scenes of Brad Pitt with Marion Cotillard? There is no question of his acting skills with Brad Pitt. But there was several problems for acting intimate scenes with her. Hollywood actress Marion Cotillard shares these secret information like such shootings of the movie “Allied”.

Marion Cotillard shares the secret about allied intimate scene with Brad Pitt.

The film of Marion and Brad will be released on coming 23rd November this year. There is a scene where they are close in the back seat of the car in a sandstorm. Marion was very uncomfortable for shooting this intimate scene. According to her, “we took rehearsal before the shooting. There was very good choreography. And when we know what to do, then the acting will good. We can be take all the emotions perfectly. But after complete the shooting, Marion was said to lay on the body of Brad Pitt for kiss him. Then both of us felt this was problem.”

Brad’s personal life was now devastated after the separation with his wife Angelina Jolie. Marion said that she has supported Brad Pitt. It doesn’t unknown to him that how much difficult the time is. 


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