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Aamir lends acting coach to Sunny Leone

Aamir Khan lends something to Sunny Leone for her help

What does Aamir Khan lend to Sunny Leone? What is that thing which Sunny don’t have and need to borrow from Aamir Khan? According to the source, Sunny did not lend that herself. Aamir gave a particular person to Sunny Leone himself for her help. Tell me, who is that person?

Aamir Khan lends something to Sunny Leone for her help

He is Prakash Bhardwaj who is new acting coach of Sunny Leone. Aamir Khan thinks that Sunny Leone needs training for acting. In addition, Sunny Leone also have pronunciation problem. Therefore, Aamir Khan gave Prakash Bhardwaj as lend to Sunny Leone to solve the problem.

Prakash Bhardwaj worked with Aamir Khan in the movie ‘Rang De Basanti’ since 2006. Even off-stage in the pronunciation of Harinavi for the Aamir Khan’s movie ‘Dangal’ was Prakash Bhardwaj. According to Prakash, “I came from theatre backgrounds. I trained the most successful heroines like Katrina Kaif, Preity Zinta and others. As a result, from where the students are coming that is not important to me. I do not have a specific formula. I do work according to the talent of each person and according to the different projects. I have been working with Sunny Leone since last July. She will also need to work hard for emotional scenes in the Bollywood movie.”

Aamir Khan thinks that Sunny Leone needs training for acting

What does Sunny say to get the new coach? The actress said, “I spent with my coach in the morning every day. After that, the dance rehearsal is going on. I don’t want to miss that in any way.”

However, the question have risen in Bollywood industry, Why does Aamir Khan go ahead to help Sunny Leone suddenly? Do they really share the screen together?


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