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Why does Sunny engaged herself in paintings?

Why is Sunny Leone not interested to reveal about her to public?
Sunny Leone has done this to forget the death of her mother. Everyone likes her as an actress, former bold hot star and socialist. But does anyone knows that she is an artist. She is Sunny Leone. She paints regularly over the last 10 years. She paints for herself. She gives gift those paintings to her close people. But No! She had not thought ever about to take the pictures with an exhibition.

Sunny Leone hot

Do you know why? In fact, after the death of her mother, Sunny was busy with her paintings day and night. To forget the sorrow, she grabbed to hold the paintings. Her extreme personal feelings reveals in her paintings. The heroine’s emotional contact with the paintings is very high so that it is no way reluctant to express in front of everyone.

According to Sunny Leone, “I used to make paintings all night and cried after death of my mother. And I feel relaxed in the morning. I could have to start new work then. Because I can able to share my pain with anyone else.”

She likes abstract paintings in big canvas. But she is not confident with the paintings for herself. Therefore, she don’t want to reveal to everyone with displaying of her personal feelings. 


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