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Sofia looks bold also after became Mother

Sofia wearing more cloths than Baba Ramdev

She was Glam Diva but she has become a mother! She was Sofia Hayat. She has chosen this path in search of peace after leaving glamorous modelling world. But after that most probably still some surprises were left. She posted a video in Instagram a few days ago that surprised everyone.

Sofia Hayat looks bold and Baba Ramdev

Bollywood town great surprised to see the bold looks after Sofia become a Mother. Since then she has been sharing photos one after another in various poses. Many of them make a question, Does Sofia really take vows monastic? What if this kind of behaviour can be a monk?

For this Sofia replied, “Many people says skin show to see my picture. Remember that, I still wear a lot more clothes than Baba Ramdev. Those who have been make critical criticism, they should make their mind clear before look any picture.”

Sofia said, we should go upwards with all their worldly things. Women still are considered unclean in the society during menstrual cycle. Does we ask ourselves what is all about? In fact, she seems that all those are thoughts of negative men. 


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