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Poonam uncovered herself once again

Why Poonam Pandey strips once again?

Do you know why had Poonam exposed herself once again? She is model and Bollywood actress. But hot exposed boldness brings her on the headline always. She is Poonam Pandey. The actress is opened her dress in front of the camera once again. However, these time her attempt for the purpose to spread awareness of breast cancer.

Poonam Pandey strips once again

A couple of days ago, Poonam shared such a video on social media. In that video where in the beginning She was watching cricket in TV. Then she exposed herself gradually. This is the unique initiative of Poonam Pandey to create awareness about breast cancer. Poonam says, “Girls need to take care of breast herself than keep the attraction for breast of men.”

Poonam Pandey hot in bra

In fact, many patients feel shy with breast cancer. They cannot open themselves in front of the doctor. Even some patients hide their disease for shyness. As a result, patients die prematurely in the absence of treatment. She spreads more awareness massages to make more careful on forgetting this embodied shame. According to her, “You just imagine that it’s a natural thing. Smile like any other day and go to doctor for your treatment with courage. I am always beside you.”


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