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Pakistan TV will not broadcast Bigg Boss 10

Pakistan to ban Bigg Boss 10 TV show of Salman Khan

The popular TV show Bigg Boss 10 of Salman Khan will not be aired in Pakistan. Recently, the Pakistan Electronics Media Regulatory Authority was informed on behalf of Pakistan government that any Indian TV programs, rituals and movies will not broadcast in the Pakistan TV channel. So the same rules will maintain for the Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss TV show.

Bigg Boss 10 TV show of Salman Khan

But few days ago, after the announcement of Indian Government that Pakistani artist was banned to enter in India, Salman Khan protest was broken up and said that they are the artist not a terrorist.  The Indian Government is given them permit and visas to stay in India. So there is no reason to outcast them from bollywood. The comments of Salman Khan have sparked debate across the country. He have to face the anger of MNS and Shiv Sena for making such comments and supports the Pakistan artists.

In the context of terrorist attack in India, Indian Motion Picture Producer Association (IMPPA) announced to prohibit Pakistani actors. Pakistan also stopped the release of Indian movies and broadcasting Indian films and TV serials.

Before this incident, 6 percent of the Indian programs would broadcast in the Pakistan TV channel. Under the new rule, the Pakistan audience will not see any Indian show. 


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