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Mahesh is possessive dad

Mahesh Bhatt is competitive with Alia’s boyfriend

Mahesh Bhatt is compete with his daughter Alia Bhatt’s boyfriend! The relationship is father and daughter. What does it matters for Mahesh Bhatt any time? Before that Mahesh Bhatt was involved in the debate for kissing his elder daughter Puja Bhatt publicly. And this time he is compete in the same motion with his younger daughter Alia’s boyfriend. It takes surprised to hear but that is the reality. Moreover, Alia shared this information herself.

Mahesh Bhatt is compete with his daughter Alia Bhatt’s boyfriend!

Recently Alia said, “My father is always competitive with almost everything. Even it is also true though the issue of boyfriend. Even when my father heard my elder sister’s boyfriend to buy her something, my father used to say her that I will buy two or three more the same thing for you.”

Mahesh Bhatt has also shared his speech publicly. According to him, “I do envy with Alia’s boyfriend. In fact, I am angry when I have seen Alia spent more time with any other man than me. Being her best friend, I want to stay in privileged place in all the time. I would hate myself to leave that place.”


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