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Kim Kardashian robbed in a hotel of Paris

Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint in a hotel of Paris

Knock on the door of the hotel room. In addition, as soon as open the door, two young men wearing police uniforms entered in the room and take gunpoint at the head of Kim Kardashian.

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This is not the scene of well-planned movie. The incident happened on Sunday at a hotel in Paris. Like this, two assassins entered in the room to rob the home of America’s most popular star Kim Kardashian.

Some money and jewellery, including several hundred thousand Euros (around Rs 10 crore) have been looted. She was not hurt but the incident terrified her.

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According to the secretary of Kim Kardashian, the actress stayed at Paris for the purpose on the occasion of the Paris Fashion Week. Her mother and younger sister is with her. The secretary of Kim faced with reporters on Monday and the spokesperson said, Kim was in her own room in the hotel on Sunday night. She opened the door after the sound of knocking at the door. As soon as she opens the door, two young men wearing police uniforms broke into the house quickly. They hold out arms and target at Kim’s forehead. Kim has already become numb with fear. They asked repeatedly to Kim where she keeps the money and jewellery in the house. Shortly after that they starts rampage in the total room. They fled after sometime continue stealing and looted money and jewellery from the hotel room. At first, Kim was astonished for the kind of suddenness of the attack.

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That night there was a night concert of Kim’s husband Kenny West in New York. On hearing the news of the loot he confused and went down from the stage during the ceremony. In the mean time, facebook and twitter posts began to come one after another: Kim Kardashian has looted take gunpoint at head at a hotel in Paris. Kenny said later that two unidentified youths have charged against the booty. We are investigating all of the hotel’s CCTV camera footage. But the spokesperson of Kim said that the hotel authorities could not answer about how two unknown person reached in the house and entered in the room with fake identity of police in spite of high security.


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