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How Kajol celebrates Durga Puja?

With whom Kajol will celebrate the Durga puja?

Just one day remaining. Recently, there are full of lighting across the Kolkata city. The puja pandels are looking good with manja at the last moment. 

Kajol with Sarbani Mukherjee in Durga puja in Mumbai

All the preparation of Durga puja finished. This is the time of final match. The festival has also taken place in Mumbai. All the bollywood celebrities and stars are gathered in this puja occasion. In the mean time, kajol already begun Durga Puja celebration.

Kajol with Sarbani Mukherjee in Durga puja in Mumbai

Do you know how she celebrates the Durga puja?

Now Navratri festival is underway in Mumbai. Kajol was seen there with her friends and relatives. Kajol’s cousin Sarbani Mukherjee was present there. Then they gave pose for photos in front of the marquee with the Durga pratima (Murti) which is going inside the pandel. The Durga puja of Mukherjee family is already quite popular in Mumbai. 

Kajol with Sarbani Mukherjee in Durga puja in Mumbai

The girls of Mukherjee family like Kajol, Rani and others were seen sometimes to serve the bhog (Prasad). All the family members will present at this time. This year Kajol has already started the festival few days before of Durga puja. With all this, the bollywood celebrities are in festival occasional mood.


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