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How do you dare is asking about my pregnancy?

How could you tell me I could not get pregnant?

Am I get pregnant or not, who are you to say it?

Yes,… you cannot be pregnant otherwise the contract will be cancelled. Yes, she is Priyanka Chopra who was given the threat like this. Now the heroine had leaked the secret.
However, what is the incident?

Priyanka Chopra hot

The incident was happened a couple of years ago. Priyanka Chopra had received an offer that time. The offer where she had been told that she could not be pregnant as long as the term of the contract completed. If she will be pregnant in this period, the contract will cancel. Piggy Chops was very angry to hear the terms and conditions of such agreement. Recently, Priyanka shared this information in an interview on the set of Quantico.

According to Priyanka, “the condition of the contract was not for sick or over-weights but the contract will cancel for pregnancy. I will be pregnant or not. Who are you to say this word? They were afraid because I would not be able to finish the job if I will be pregnant. I also told to take the challenge that I will complete the work even if I will pregnant. Otherwise, the contract will be cancelled. But if I cannot do, I’ll cancel the contract.”


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