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Gouri Arora discloses her past life

Gouri was raped at the age of 11!

He becomes Gouri from Gourav but that is herself desire. But the process of sex change is not easy any more. Gouri Arora had assaulted in each position on this tough way. For this reason, she was victim of rape at the age of 11. Gouri brought her own dark past after so many days.

Gouri Arora was raped at the age of 11

Speaking in a recent interview of her horrific past, Gouri said, “I used to wear cloths like girl. Many people dislike it. They are gonna blame me. At that time, some boys who are six or seven years elder than me, were studying with me. One day they took me to the park and spoke with me very well. I always liked boys. I feel better on getting their attention. Suddenly they forced to kiss me and then all of them together tried physically hurt me. I got huge pain. I cannot remember how I returned to home.”

Gouri also informed, after returning home, she told her mother about the detail incident but her mother do not agree to say anything to her father in any way. However, she advised Gouri to hide the matter from her father. Today Gouri gets tribute from all but she still cannot forget the horrible past at all. 


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