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Does Hrithik is real friend of Sussanne?

Sussanne Khan posted a vintage photo with Hrithik Roshan in Gouri Khan’s birthday

Sussane posted old pictures with Hrithik Roshan…why? It has been divorced for several days. But perhaps Sussanne Khan missed Hrithik Roshan recently. Does Sussanne want to share a message from the old photos from the past albums on the Gouri Khan’s birthday?

Sussanne Khan with Hrithik Roshan and Gouri Khan

Recently, Sussanne has posted a photo in her Instagram account for birthday wish of her close friend and Shahrukh Khan’s wife Gouri Khan. The main focus of the photo is Hrithik Roshan. Sussanne has embraced Hrithik on her right side and Gouri Khan is the other side of Hrithik Roshan in that photo. Sussanne wishes Gouri Khan on her birthday to post the image on Instagram. She also added two hashtag with this photos, such as “Birthday Girl” and “Friend for Life”. It was clear that the first hash tag was write to indicate Gouri Khan. But the second? Does Hrithik is the real friend of her life? Uhum, it was not vacated.

Sussanne Khan with Karan Johar and others

Very deep love from childhood then married. Then they become parent of two sons. After that, misunderstanding then separation. Many viewers cannot accept the news of separation and divorce of one of the Bollywood’s most romantic couple. But after separation, this celebrities couple has repeatedly comes of the on the headline in Page 3 for some reason which is they meets with each other sometimes as like relationship with Hrithik & Kangana and birthday party of their son etc.. However, they are divorced, Sussanne always standing next to her ex-husband in Kangana issue. 


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