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Ranbir loves Crocodile meat

Ranbir Kapoor favourite Crocodile meat!

Listening of celebrities to the variety of choices. But everyone will be surprised to hear the choices of Ranbir Kapoor.

Ranbir Kapoor favourite Crocodile meat

Ranbir who likes to eat that knows many of the B-town. But do you know what is his favourite food? Crocodile meat!

Yes, you read right. The favourite food of Ranbir Kapoor is Crocodile meat. Just as like to eat dal and roti, as same as the favourite recipe of the hero is crocodile meat. In his words, “Crocodile meat is very soft and good tasty to eat”.

Ranbir have shared lots of various stories of Kapoor’s kitchen. His most like grandma’s cooking. Ranbir Kapoor’s grandmother cannot think about to make roti without butter. This bread is delicious to eat but it gains lot of calories. So after starting his career as an actor in the industry, Ranbir eat food of his own cook.


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