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Parched movie trailer released

The movie trailer of ‘Parched’ released

The movie “Parched” which is produced by Ajay Devgan has fierce discussion in the film industry. The main central viral discussion was the open hot scene of Radhika Apte. Even some parts of the image have been sold in the open market as hot bollywood pictures. The movie trailer was released to answer all times questions. How much is true the news which was spread in the society?

Radhika Apte hot in Parched

Radhika Apte have some close intimate hot scene with Adil Hussian in the movie ‘Parched’. Video scene of this movie was recently leaked on the internet. Adil opened his mouth first on this topic. He said, “Hot close intimate scene video title has been in the name of Radhika Apte hot bold scene. But there the name was not given as Adil Hussain hot bold scene. It is clear in the name that when a man make a bold hot scene he has no fault at all. But if the woman do the same then it becomes the central issue. And it is only for the hot bold intimate close scene.”

Radhika Apte hot intimate close scene in Parched

After that Radhika told, “I want to explore myself as an actress. I got the opportunity to do challenging roles. And no scene of the ‘Parched’ movie was leaked at all. Rather, the movie was release overseas. And I am not afraid of negative comments. Public will always say negative for my silence. So I confess today that I have done this which I believe. I can not be double standard”.

Now all of you will judge the matter. You will know the real story after watching the trailer of the movie “Parched”.


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