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Kareena is Pregnant

Boy or Girl, what does Kareena want?

If everything goes right, Kareena Kapoor Khan will be mother in next December. Does Kareena will give birth a boy or girl? Begum sahiba is to manage all these type of questions like all would be mother. And for this reason Bebo irritated excessively. According to her words, “I am a daughter myself. Therefore, I would be happy if a girl child will born. But she does not like this kind of questions. It’s a bad criticism.”

Kareena Kapoor Khan with Saif Ali Khan

Does the post motherhood heroine can be seen on the big screen again? Kareena replied if the work will entertain then it can be just do that work. When an actress is married or become a mother, it is a lot more criticised in our country. It’s a natural matter.

“If I were a chef or any other professional instead of an actress, then I also go from this episode of life. I love to act, so it is out of question to leave acting,” she said.

What does mother or elder sister give special tips at home? No. She is not getting any separated advice from the mother. However, Saif Ali Khan reported that Kareena eats a lot more of now than before.


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