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Jiah Khan did not commit suicide

Not Suicide, She was murdered

Now this is the new turn for the murder case of Jiah Khan. After investigation Mumbai police claimed that Jiah Khan committed suicide on 3rd June, 2013. But Jiah Khan’s mother Rabia Khan recruited a British Forensic Expert who claims that it was not suicide, Jiah was murdered.

Bollywood hot actress Jiah Khan

The main recrimination of Jiah Khan’s suicide attack was Surya Pancholi, son of Aditya Pancholi. The CBI accused of instigating suicide to Surya on the December month, last year. But her mother had always claimed that her daughter had been murdered. But after some days the Bombay High Court had rejected the CBI and the murder theory.

Almost from the beginning of Jiah Khan’s death, her mother Rabia Khan left confidence in the government’s investigation and the investigation was assigned to a British Forensic Expert. The British expert claimed recently, there was a sign of injuries in the face and neck on the corpse which proves she did not commit suicide but she was murdered. Jiah’s Mother Rabia will submit the British forensic expert report to Mumbai High Court tomorrow. But how much the report will get importance is to see.  


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