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How did Sunny spent first salary?

How did Sunny Leone spent her first pocket money?

All of you have seen her performance. You may like her or criticized. You have got little glimpse of how was she in her personal life. But do you know, how Sunny Leone first disbursement with her first salary in her life? What is the value of money to her? In a recent interview, the heroine opened her mouth with all her childhood memories.

Bollywood & Hollywood actress Sunny Leone

“ At that time she was the age of nine years, one of the first summer afternoon, standing on the street alone, I ate lemonade with accumulated pocket money. And at the age of 13, she bought a tape record without the permission of parent. Then it was the price of $9 (nine dollar).” Shared by Sunny Leone.

How much worth the money to her? Sunny replied, kind of something she believes money can bring the whole world to her. She grew up in a family where she watched that her parent always struggle to earn money to maintain the family. So when she able to earn money then she never wasted the money in a bad way. 


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