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Singh is Bling : Movie Review

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson, Lara Dutta, Kay Kay Menon

Director: Prabhudheva

'Singh is Bliing', if described in two words, is random and silly. But, fortunately, it is this randomness that also makes it a breezy, entertaining film for most part of it.

Singh is Bling poster

It is a Prabhudheva directorial. Looking at the kind of movies that the dancing director revels in, you know you can't take this one any more seriously than perhaps a second grader's opinion on world politics. However, it is not cerebral by any standards but, for sure, raises a lot of chuckles in its two-hour plus duration, all credit to its silliness and the casual way in which it is treated. If you want to know how silly is silly, picture this: When a lion escapes, an adorable pug with a feathery bag around its neck is kept in the cage as its replacement to fool the public. But, must say, this and a few other such antics made the audience around me laugh out loud.

Akshay with Amy Jackson in Singh is Bling

Raftar Singh (Akshay Kumar) is a clueless young chap who whiles away his time with his cronies and basking in the blind love of his mother (Rati Agnihotri). His dad (decent performance by Yuvraj Singh's father Yograj Singh) wants him to get away and make a life for himself. Father's pressure lands Raftar in Goa along with his two bumbling, idiotic close friends.

It is in Goa that Raftar meets Sara (Amy Jackson), who's been bundled off from Romania by her father (Kunal Kapoor) to get away from the unwanted attention of the bad man Mark (Kay Kay Menon). Raftar falls in love with Sara but they can't speak each other's language, so a translator Emily (Lara Dutta) is appointed, who only adds to confusion and chaos of the situation.

Amy Jackson in Singh is Bling

Raftar Singh, thankfully, is not your superhero who jumps in to save the world at a moment's notice (except in the climax where everything goes for a toss anyway). And better than that, Sara fights like a tigress and does not depend on a male to protect her honour. And she actually rescues Raftar from a tricky situation. Mark is brutal but too comical to be taken seriously.

Amy Jackson in bikini

This is an out and out Akshay Kumar film. No surprise there. And the actor, whose comic timing is already established, is in his element here. Amy Jackson's easy and very pleasant presence adds to the film. She is fantastic when she's kicking ass and other body parts of bad men who cross her path.

This is a fun, one-time watch.


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