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Sonam Kapoor became the target of Twitter trolls

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor became the target of Twitter trolls on Tuesday when she
termed the four-day meat ban in Mumbai, owing to Jain community's fasting period Paryushan, as 'misogynistic'.

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor

It all started when Sonam re-tweeted a news article on how Twitter users have reacted to the ban on sale of meat in Mumbai and wrote, "Our country is going to remain a 3rd world nation because of the intolerant misogynistic close minded few. (sic)"

Twitterati were quick to ridicule her and trolled her mercilessly for the use of word 'misogynistic'. Sonam replied to them clarifying it was a critique on 'general mentality' and not 'exclusive' to the meat ban.

After responding to several tweets, Sonam Kapoor issued a clarification denouncing those who failed to understand her.

However, Sonam also had her set of supporters including Barkha Dutt and Chetan Bhagat. 

At the end, Sonam sent out a sarcastic tweet saying she would stick to talking about fashion and brands only as that is what she is known for.


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