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Thani Oruvan : Movie Review

DIRECTOR: Mohan Raja

ACTORS: Jeyam Ravi, Nayanthara,Nassar,Arvindswamy, Ganesh Venkatram, ThambiRamiah, Sricharan, Harish Uthaman and MughdaGodse 


One Man Army

Thani Oruvan Poster

After Velayudham, it is a second time that director Raja has come up with an original script. With the exception of Velayudham, all other films made by him so far with his younger sibling, Jeyam Ravi have been remakes, mostly from Telugu. Normally, it is the villain who crosses the line of the hero only to face a defeat at the end just like most such commercial potboilers but what we see here is a reversal of roles with the protagonist, played by Jeyam Ravi appearing as Mithran, an upright IPS officer going behind Siddharth Abhimanyu (Arvind Swamy) because of the former's passion for the well being of the society. Nayanthara plays Mahima and the purpose of her presence is more towards augmenting support to the script, facilitating its movement further rather than being a mere glam-doll in the proceedings. 

Raja who has rechristened his name, adding his dad's name (renowned editor and producer, Mohan) has come up with a really refreshing script that deliberates more on mind games played perfectly between the protagonist and the antagonist in a very engaging and interesting manner. It is nice to see Arvind Swamy back and it would only be appropriate to say that he has returned with a bang. He plays a sophisticated villain who lures others to fall into his net using his charms and then slowly but steadily takes advantage of them.

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"Who your friends are says a lot about you," the age old saying takes a twist here with Mohan Raja's new interpretation of it- "Who your enemies are says a lot about you." Another one goes "Women's liberation is not about doing the wrong things men do, it is something else." Mohan Raja scores well as a thinking filmmaker, credit for this goes not only to Mohan Raja but also Suba, the dialogue writer.Siddharth Abhimanyu (Arvind Swamy) is a Padmashree awardee who is both a scholar and a scientist. Though he is a genius, he plays a pervert who want to encash on the outcome of his research, the cure for diabetes. He is also an underworld don who operates through three binamis.

Mithran (Jeyam Ravi) is an aspiring cop, who from his early days at the police training academy dreams of achieving big. A couple of like minded colleagues assist him in his endeavor.

Learning that Siddharth is trying to market the medical formula abroad, Mithran, launches a lone battle against him. The game starts between the them which involves more mind games than a physical combat. How the game ends is wha you will see in the rest of the film. 

While Jeyam Ravi fits the role like to the 'T', it is Arvind Swamy the former lover boy of Roja who steals the show as the suave and sophisticated villain. A great comeback for him. 

Though the script is basically about the good versus evil that is narrated through a cat and mouse chasing game, it is the unique style with which Raja unfolds the screenplay and has gone about the narration has made the real difference between making the movie just from his perspective to watching the movie from the perceptive of the viewers.

The near to perfect choice of casting is indeed an added advantage to the flow of the narration with the exception of probably only Thambi Ramiah who looks a bit out of place. 
Ramji's cinematography is indeed racy, at par with the flow of the racy script but Gopikrishna's scissors could have been a bit sharper taking into view the length of the movie that is a bit too long for a classified thriller of this sort.

Hip-hop Thamizha who was last seen as a composer in Vishal's Ambalae is the composer here too. His background score deserves mention as it has helped to manage the right tempo right through.


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