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Shivam : Movie Review

ACTORS : Upendra, Ragini, SalloniAsvwani, SrinivasMurthy, Ravishankar, Shivaram

DIRECTOR : Srinivasa Raju 

RUN TIME: 149 minutes


Those who say that the Aamir Khan film PK hurts their religious sentiments can now take a break. Shivam is the ultimate 'anti-oxidant' for them. The hero is from the priestly class, an undercover RAW agent who saves cows from slaughterhouses and prevents one set of villains from grabbing 'goshala' land and another set from destroying a temple. 

Ragini navel in Shivam

Our hero also has the perfect villains to battle. One of the two main villains is an atheist, eats meat and is dark. The other is an international don, who hates India so much that he fixes cricket matches so that Team India loses and Indians go into depression for at least two days. (Yeah, you guessed it right who he is). The comedian is dark and his colour is the butt of all jokes. 

Ragini in Bikini, Shivam

Let's start from the beginning. In the 11th century, a priest saves a temple from invading temple destroyers. The king grants the temple administration to his family for ever. Our hero is the son of the present priest of that family. When the primogeniture declines the priesthood because he considers his NASA job a bigger opportunity, the second son has to step in. The second son now has to manage both the protection of the temple and eliminate the international don. 

Ragini in Shivam

The film is unabashedly pro-religion (read Hindu) and our hero mouths all the relevant shlokas and quotes religious texts in Sanskrit when his credentials to become a priest are questioned. When the RAW chief says terrorists have been attacking India for the last 25 years, our hero says it has been going on from the 7th century. He does not mince words when he takes on the mistakes of Ibrahim Lodhi, Allauddin Khilji, Babur and Aurangazeb. He even accuses the terrorists of building their symbols on destroyed temples. Perhaps as a damage-control measure, the last line of the hero before killing the villain is, "In India we grow up listening to Shuklam Baradaram in one ear and Allahu Akbar in the other ear."


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