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Maari : Movie Review

Actors: Dhanush, Kajal Agarwal, Vijay Yesudas, Robo Shankar, Kaali Venkat, Kallori
Vinodh, Mime Gopi and Anirudh Ravichander in a special cameo

Director Balaji Mohan

Run Time: 131 minutes

Certification: U

Young filmmaker Balaji Mohan who had taken off to a brilliant start with an offbeat romantic tale through Kadhalil Sodapuvadhu Yeppadi slipped down a bit through Vaai Moodi Pesavum, a comedy of a different kind that launched Mammotty's son, Dalquer Salman, in Tamil. The film wasn't received too warmly! He is now back with a comedy again with Dhanush in the lead showcasing a script that projects the lead star in tune with his star image but in the process, Balaji has managed to affix his style of stamp too as humor has been set as the main course, almost in entirety!

Maari movie poster

Kajal Agarwal who was supposed to have collaborated with Dhanush as early as in Vetrimaran's Polladhavan, has been brought on board as his pair and it would be only fair to say that they both have struck a good chemistry on the screen. While Dhanush is in his usual elements right from the start; though he doesn't possess the necessary physique that is usually considered a hallmark of a don, he bulldozes through his role in an effortless manner. Having returned to the Tamil screen after Vijay's Jilla, Kajal shines but her character suffers owing to lack of scope.

Anirudh, the scorer, has made a cameo appearance which seems more effective than the tunes that he has composed. Robo Shankar in the role of Sani Kizhamai creates a flutter in an important role reminding the viewers of the impact he created in Vai Moodi Pesavum. Perhaps, he is growing up to become a 'constant' in the films of Balaji Mohan. You have to certainly give it to Rob Shankar, who tickles the funny bones time and again.

Maari (Dhanush), a slum-dweller who owes his roots to that neighborhood in the city of Chennai, by default, develops a keen interest in pigeons and starts rearing them out of pure passion. Mind you, he was passionate about rearing roasters in Aadukalam and probably that hangover looms over this character too. Not before long, he understands that winning in a pigeon race can earn him a fortune and decides to focus his attention completely on pigeon race and almost gets addicted to it.

Needless to mention such pigeon racing has to necessarily get ugly at one point, obviously on expected lines and one such brawl within the world of pigeon-racing does gets ugly and the series events that follow sets the action wheel on motion and in the bargain, Maari catapults into a small time don. All is well as Maari begins to rein supremacy in that proximity and even beyond but only till the arrival of Arjun Kumar (Vijay Yesudas), a cop made of stern stuff decides to draw the curtains to Maari's rule thereby putting an end to Maari's dream run. How Maari tackles the cop whose moves are more intelligence based rather than being based on emotions accounts for the rest of the narration that has been narrated through some well-choreographed action sequences amidst some doses of humor sprinkled liberally.

Unfortunately, Vijay Yesudas making his debut as an actor proves a disappointment as he struggles hard to fit into the role of a cop.

Balaji Mohan, who had given two different films earlier, had switched his focus to mainstream cinema this time trying out a commercial potboiler but has got handicapped by a script that is no so strong. While the first half manages to sail through, the second half lacks a bit in pace. It is better for Balaji to return to his original style of filmmaking.


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