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ABCD 2 - Movie Review

Cast: Prabhu Deva, Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor

Director: Remo D'Souza

I wish we could say that the film is a complete package, with all the parts of a jigsaw puzzle falling in place, but ostensibly the film fails to impress and seems like a very well-choreographed music video rather than a feature film. It seemed like a great effort by Remo, but we are sorry to say that Remo took his choreography way too seriously and in the meantime he forgot to work on the plot of the film.

ABCD 2 Poster

Apparently, ABCD 2 can be considered as one of the best attempts in Bollywood to produce a dance based film. However, the storyline of the film is very weak and takes a back seat, the main emphasis has been laid on the dance performances in the film. Secondly the elongated and overstretched run time of the film would positively leave you disappointed.

The film starts with a mind-boggling dance performance by a 'Mumbai Stunners' at a dance reality show.

Suresh (Varun Dhawan) a waiter by profession and Vinnie (Shraddha Kapoor) a hair stylist, are childhood friends, who share the same passion i.e. of dancing. Suresh and Vinnie, along with their friends form a dance group and participate in a dance reality show. But, the group gets disqualified from the show as they are accused of stealing the choreography from a Philippines dance crew.

As a result 'Mumbai Stunner' are looked down upon and are labeled as 'cheaters' in the society. Suresh's late mother, on the other hand, was a renowned dancer and he feels he has cheated his mother's teaching. Therefore, Suresh decides to mend his mistakes by participating in the International Hip Hop Dance Competition in Las Vegas, America.

Shraddha Kapoor in ABCD 2

Suresh convinces Vinnie and the other team members to participate in the competition. The team is all set to participate in the competition, but the only person now missing in their team is a choreographer, following which, Suresh comes across an alcoholic, Vishnu (Prabhu Deva) who is a terrific dancer. Nevertheless, after prolonged persuasion Vishnu agrees to choreograph 'Mumbai Stunners' now called 'India Stunners'.

Vishnu puts in great effort and time into the team and leading to which, 'India Stunners' qualify for the competition and are set to leave for Las Vegas to achieve their dreams. Howbeit, there is something fishy about Vishnu's character. Is he hiding something? What is his secret? Vinnie who is secretly in love with Suresh, would she be able to express her feelings? Lastly, will 'India Stunners' be able to conquer the foreign land and win back their pride?

Remo D'Souza has definitely tried his best and we can see his endeavors in the film. The choreography in the film is mesmerizing. Though, we do feel that Remo has taken some inspiration from Hollywood, but it all works in his favor. The performances in 3D are a treat to watch.
Varun Dhawan with Shraddha Kapoor in ABCD 2

The first half of the film is interesting, Prabhu Deva and Raghav aka Cockroach's one-liners would certainly tickle your funny bone. As the film moves towards the second half, it starts falling apart and Remo failed to hold it all together. However, the ending of the film revives all the energy and gives goosebumps.

Prabhu Deva has done a phenomenal job, his dancing, acting, comic timing everything is flawless. Varun Dhawan, the perfect abs, chiseled body, exemplary moves, Varun had everything that his character Suresh demanded. Shraddha Kapoor as Vinnie seemed charming, she did surprise many of her exceptionally magical moves. Also, Varun and Shraddha's chemistry was a delight to watch. The supporting cast Dharmesh Yelande, Lauren Gottlieb, Raghav Juyal, Puneet Pathak all did a remarkable job.

The cinematography is significant, The music has been given you Sachin-Jigar, their music act as a catalyst to all the spellbinding performances. Alas, my advice, go for the film, only if you love dancing as there is nothing else to look forward too. My verdict 1 and a half stars.


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