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Mr X : Movie Review

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Amyra Dastur, Arunoday Singh, Tanmay Bhat

Director: Vikram Bhatt

To start with, it is a truly Vikram Bhatt's film, with the overly dramatic film, the disheartened damsel in distress, has to part ways with boyfriend under certain circumstances. The film has few scenes which would really leave you amazed.

First, when the daredevil Amyra disarms a bomb (not to forget she is ATD officer and not a part of the Bomb squad) just to save her love and please note she was bare hand. Second, when the whole explosion takes places at a chemical factory, Emraan Hashmi some how manages to escape by hiding under the a roofing sheet, (which a normal human being definitely can not survive). Thirdly, after the whole factory is turned into ruins, he finds a 'landline phone' in a working condition! (Am I missing something, weren't the wires burnt it the blast? Or are they made of fire proof material?)

Mr. X poster

Raghuram Rathod (Emraan Hashmi) is madly in love with his girlfriend and to-be-wife Siya Verma (Amyra Dastur). The couple works for the ATD (Anti-Terrorist Department). They are truly dedicated and impeccable at their work.

Raghu and Siya are planning to take their relation one step further and tie the knot but that is when the calamity strikes, The Chief Minister's life is under threat and the two, the most trusted officers of the team are deployed to crack the mission and find the terrorist gang behind it.

Bhardwaj (Arunoday Singh) their senior is the the bad man in the story who traps the couple in his skillfully knitted story and alter's the assassination by Raghu. Raghu who is a virtuous officer suddenly falls a prey to Arunoday's evil plan.

Emraan Hashmi with Amyra Dastur in Mr. X movie

The story of the film would not impress you much as the film moves at a steady pace but it doesn't excite you. The film story is so predictable. At every point you can guess what would happen next. As there has been no experimentation or as a mater of fact not much of effort seen. So it would be difficult to call it a thriller!

The sci fi part, Raghu after the assassination runs into a chemical factory where the flagitious men blow up the place. His lady love in distress starts hating Raghu for assassination, without knowing the real motive behind.

The character of the Arunoday has been monstrous and the actor has done a good job at it. The love story between Raghu-Sia is something that we get to see in every Emraan Hashmi movie. Emraan trying to woe his love, like we say in Jannat or in Gangster or in other Emraan Hashmi movies there was nothing refreshing about the film or the script. The only difference in the film was that Emraan was just playing peekaboo with his lover through out the film.

PoPo (Tanmay Bhat) trusts Raghu (Raghu called him from 'The Phone' at the burnt factory remember?) and takes him to a pharmaceutical where they give him an experimental liquid (which hasn't been tested before) to save his life from the radiations during the blast. Due to the chemical reaction in his body Raghu turns Mr X which is invisible, who can only be seen in the sunlight or the blue light.

Amyra Dastur in Mr. X movie

Now hold on a second, just so that you know it is Mr X and not Mx India! There is no comparison between the two. And the race starts between love and revenge! Would he be able to get his love back and get Justice! Or would he have to forget her for ever. I have an answer to that `Main woh Mr X hoon, jo kanoon tod kar insaaf karega` now you might get the drill of the film from the dialogue.

The script of the film is not exceptional, the dialogues are not lame but are not even too impressive. Guess the director Vikram Bhatt was confused between making a love story or a Superhero film. The Emraan Hashmi has been his usual self. Amyra Dastur is a refreshing talent but could have done better. Arunoday has however done a great work.

The soundtrack of the album is composed by Jeet Ganguly, Ankit Tiwari and Ankur Tiwari is a nice blend and sounds pleasant. Not to forget Gurmeet Singh who we last saw last Bhatt production's 'Khamoshiyaan' has given a splendid dance performance in a song.

Last words for the film, the film is strictly for Emraan Hashmi fans or Vikram Bhatt Fans, else it is mere wastage of time.


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