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Gabbar is Back : Movie Review

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Shruti Haasan, Suman Talwar, Jaideep Ahlawat, Sunil Grover,
Kareena Kapoor (Cameo), Chitrangada Singh(Item Song)

Director: Krish

Well, The film 'Gabbar is back' did create a lot of stir in the industry, with the offbeat title, however the film failed to impress and turned out to be a usual, South Indian remake. The film is a remake of the 2002 Tamil film Ramanaa directed by A. R. Murugadoss with Vijayakanth in the lead.

Gabbar is Back poster

Gabbar is not a newfangled, you would witness the same storyline which you have seen in Akshay Kumar's films, which is Akshay fighting against the evil and kicking the bad guys butt. Director Kish is a simple director from south, who tries to his level best for the film to work but somehow the director is unable to leave behind the Southern flavour in the film.

The punchlines the 'Naam se Villian Kaam se Hero' and the other oneliners would impress you. Akshay Kumar's action sequences and his super duper hot looks are again a plus factor for the film.

The film is about Aditya (Akshay Kumar) is a professor at the National College. He is the righteous professor who teaches his students to step forward and fight the evil rather than sit back and ignore it. National college on the other hand has its own unique rule and regulations, the campus doesn’t allow any police or any 'Gunda' on campus.

However, Aditya's brigade who fight against the corrupt officers, kidnaps Tehsildars, Collectors and also the police officers, and in the end kill the most corrupt amongst them. It is hard to believe, that the a single mancould pull of such big plans without anyone else being involved. So who all are involved with Gabbar are they Govt. officials, Police or some ordinary people fighting for their right?

Sadhu (Sunil Grover) is a police constable who was initially appointed as a Sub Inspector, but sadly had to join as a constable because he didn't have the money to bribe the senior officers. He works as a constable cum driver for a senior, his daily chores included washing the car, bringing in samosa with 'red' chatni and not to forget the digestion medicines as well. He aspires to find this villain Gabbar who has created hullabaloo in the city and get promoted. Would he be able to break the code or would he himself join Gabbar's gang?

The director has not made much of an effort in recreating the scenes he has gone with the drill and followed the southern style. The background score is not very pleasing and does kind off annoy you after sometime. The romantic number between Shruti and Akshay was uncalled for!

Chitrangada Singh(Item Song) in Gabbar is Back movie

Shruti (Shruti Hasan) is a lawyer who first met Aditya when her friend was in labour. She hitchhikes and Aditya helps her. Miss lawyer later delivers the baby in Aditya's back seat, which she had learnt by reading some articles on Google. Apparently, Shruti is a 'Google queen' in the film, who keeps reading facts, from Google through out the film. Well, however the couple stars seeing each other and get romantically involved , so would Shruti know who actually Aditya is? would she find out that Aditya is Gabbar, would she still love him or leave him?

These kind of films make you wonder is there a scarcity of writers in Bollywood?? Do they really have to pick up a film from south and remake it?? I guess they can do better than that! Isn't it? However the battle of the good vs evil was larger than life film and the people who aspire to get a revolution in the society but can't get out of their daily circle, this film would definitely please them, they would love to see Gabbar kick bad guys ass on screen. No wonder they would thoroughly enjoy the film.

Digvijay Patil ( Suman Talwar) 'Patil the Band' well this is the second most heard dialogue in the film! Well I guess I forgot the first one. He is the bad guy in the film who is a corrupt businessman who bribes the govt officers and gets his work done. This man is also on Gabbar's hit list because he is also the reason behind his wife's (Kareena Kapoor) death. She died because a building collapsed in Andheri due to the construction fault.

Jaideep Ahlawat plays a CBI officer who is in probe into Gabbar's case. He is a talented actor but sheer waste of talent in the film after we have seen him performing in 'Gang Of Wasseypur'. The actor fails to impress the audience this time.

Akshay with Kareena in Gabbar is Back movie

Talking about the acting Akhsay Kumar – Bang on as usual, he has done a fantastic job, he does own the screen. Sunil Grover – His acting has a punch of humour and at the same time he also has dept to his acting. Sunil should do more of Bollywood I suppose, we would love to see him on big screen. Shruti Hassan – She should probably take some time off and concentrate on her acting. She tries too hard to get it right but yet fails to impress. Suman Talwar and Jaideep Ahlawat have done a fair job.

The music of the film is average, other than 'Teri meri Kahani' there is nothing to look forward to, which reminds me Kareena's cameo in the film is glamorous but nevertheless there seem something different about her in the song, her face seem to be too big on screen, which is not pleasant. 'Aao Raja' an item song by Chitrangada did entertain me and not to forget Yo Yo Honey Singh, this song is towards the end and does break the tension.

Overall, this film is an average Masala film, with the south Indian tadhka. Akshay Kumar looks amazing in the film and that's about it!


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