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NH10: Movie Review

Cast: Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam, Darshan Kumaar

Director: Navdeep Singh

A piercing insight into the rural world which falls out of the reach, of the law and the prejudice of the locals prevail. A horrifying tale of an urban couple, who fall into a pit, which they are unable to escape.

Navdeep Singh, the director of the film, has done a marvelous job, the thriller keeps you on the edge of your seat during the entire experience. The film is about an urban couple who plan an exotic getaway and as they en route to their destination, they get into a 'do or die' situation, leaving them with only one option which was of, to battle it out for survival. 

NH10 poster

Meera (Anushka Sharma) and her husband, Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam) live in Gurgaon and is a working couple, one night, when Meera is on her way back alone, she gets carjacked by two bad elements. However, she somehow manages to escape the situation and reach home safely.

The couple visits the police station the very next day, to lodge in a complaint, to their surprise, they had to face a typical stereotype policeman, who questions Arjun on letting Meera travel alone at night. On the other hand Meera is in a vulnerable position and is deeply disturbed, she is unable to over come the incident. 

Arjun feels guilty, for not being with Meera at that time and tries to divert her mind by planning a getaway on Meera's birthday.

Anushka Sharma with Neil Bhoopalam in NH10 Movie

The film moves on in a steady pace and the story is narrated in a very captivating and realistic way. The film reflects the different facets of the society, from the higher mid class couple to the ferocious brother from the rural part of Haryana. The film instigate and focuses on the evil of the society of honour killing and mentality of the people in and around the rural India. 

As a matter of fact Navdeep has tried to depict the rural Haryana, where the maximum rate of honour killing has been noted and has had a decline in female rate.

Moving on with the story the couple's first stop, at a 'Dhaba' on NH10 changes their life forever. They see a group of men beating and assaulting a married girl and a boy, to which Arjun tries to intervene. Satbir ( Darshan Kumaar) in return slaps Arjun leaving him stupefied.

Navdeep has tried to bring out a larger picture and in a hope to make the audience aware and therefore render the evil, which has still been penetrated in our society. Wanting to teach the goons a lesson Arjun follows their car. Leading to a horrifying experience, which Meera and Arjun might not have ever imagined in their life. 

Anushka Sharma Bikni Scene in NH10 Movie

Running through the small hills of bushes and dust adds to the essence of the film, the couple try to save their life by trying to camouflage into the bushes. Unaware of the fact, that what the next few hours hold for them, Meera and Arjun continue to run for their life.

Jabeen Merchant's has done some brilliant editing, and make the film even more worthy. The film seems quite realistic as the couple run through the jungles, all wounded and bleeding trying to find a ray of hope that would help them survive. 

The second half of the film has more action and some more atrocious scenes, where the rat and cat race turns into a battle for survival. The film continues to move at a constant speed leaving you wanting for more.

Anushka Sharma in NH10 Movie

The film has no peppy music or dance numbers around the tree thing. The back ground score totally blend with the scene and the situation in the film. Talking about the acting, all artists have played their characters really well. Be it Deepti Naval (heartless mother), Darshan Kumar ( A furious Brother) or Neil Bhoopalam ( A loving husband, who's ego gives a dangerous turn to the story).

Howbeit, Anushka outshines them all, her dialog delivery, her despair, her outburst of emotion, her battle to save her husband, her cursing the goons, everything make you want to watch more and more of her till the end. The actress has come out with a very strong and an admirable performance, Kudos!!

Sudip Sharma, the writer of the film has also done full justice to the film. But the film only has one draw back, which is the ending of the film. How I wish, the film would have had a little realistic and smooth ending. The film seems to have ended abruptly in the last 15-20 mins. Without really channelizing the chain of episodes. 

Anushka Sharma kiss scene with Neil Bhoopalam in NH10 Movie

The entire film, also reminds you of the horrific 16 Dec rape case, like how vulnerable and unsafe a woman is in today's time. How she cannot step out of her home and believe she would be back safe. That how the inspector claims the city as 'Shehar ek badhta hua Bacha hai' and a woman needs to carry a 'gun' to keep herself safe!

Alas, this film is a groundbreaking cinema and a treat for the people who love thrillers. My verdict 3 stars.


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