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Rihanna for a role in DiCaprio's next movie

Singer Rihanna is said to be in talks for a role in her rumoured beau Leonardo DiCaprio's next movie.

DiCaprio, 40, will play schizophrenic criminal Billy Milligan in the dark film "The Crowded Room" and singer Rihanna, 27, is being lined up to play one of his victims, reports

A source said: `Leo has been working intensely on this project and chatting about it with Rihanna and they both think it would make sense for her to be in the movie.

`They want to spend as much time together as possible and this would be a huge bonding experience as she's already been helping with his research into the character.`

Singer Rihanna for a role in DiCaprio's next movie

The couple are rumoured to be dating and they have been spotted together looking cosy several times in the past few weeks.

On "The Crowded Room" role, the source added: `Leo suggested she play one of the victims, but there are a number of parts she could take. Rihanna has seen her friend Cara Delevingne start to get larger and more credible film roles and that's something she wants to emulate too.`

And it doesn't just stop at acting - she's also playing around with the idea of writing for the movie's soundtrack.

`Leo wants her on board to get the right sound for the movie - he thinks this would be a great addition to a role in the film. The singer has already written a concept album for the movie `Home`, which she appears in and is due out later this year, so she's had the experience to make Leo's film a big hit too," said the source.


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