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Roy : Movie Review

Cast: Arjun Rampal, Ranbir Kapoor,Jacquline Fernandez

Directed By: Vikramjit Singh

There are certain movies which remain with you forever. And in-spite of having repeated rendezvous with them you constantly have a craving to see them time and again.

On the other hand there is another ilk of "memorable" movies which you always keep in your mind, but not because of any kind of heart warming feelings which they have given you, rather because of the torture which they bestowed upon you. And alas! just released "Roy" is one of the most eligible cine chunk belonging to the latter sect of movies.

Roy movie poster

Though unlike many of those whom I saw leaving cine arena mid-way, I have somehow managed to brook this vicious cine torture of Vikramjit Singh, but in spite of that I am still trying to regain my sanity to describe what exactly was it about? 

Anyhow despite the absence of any sensible or concrete premise at Roy's core let us try to apprise you with the "non-existent" premise of Roy. Narration of Roy primarily revolves around a filmmaker Kabir (Arjun Rampal) who is more for famous for his philanderer streak than his films. Kabir whose fame primarily rests upon the popularity of his movies based on an art thief called Roy gets signed by a producer for his next.

Arjun Rampal with Jacquline Fernandez in Roy movie

But alas! Kabir neither has a script to narrate nor he can think up about one. One fine day after seeing some investigator speaking on television about a mysterious art thief Kabir decides to kick start his new assignment and lands up in, Malaysia for the shoot. With frames rolling ahead he has a rendezvous with London based film Ayesha Amir (Jacquline Fernandez) who after initial resistance turns into Kabir's muse number 23.

Oh yes! there is a parallel plot featuring Ranbir Kapoor the mysterious art thief (at-least that's what he seemed to be) and showcasing the inception of his brewing romance with a rich lass, Tia (Jacqueline Fernandez). With nothing much engrossing or attention worthy happening story of "Roy" proceeds ahead and Ayesha realizes that she is nothing more than an inspiration for Kabir's next story. So what follows next? To know you may or may not watch this tosh cine saga of Vikramjit Singh.

Jacquline Fernandez in a song of Roy movie

Well before saying much about the story line let me praise one rhetoric chunk of "Roy" where after completing his movie baffled, Arjun Rampal admits to one of his co-stars that, "I don't know yeh film kaise ban gayi". And I am saying so because through out the run time somewhat similar thoughts were going through my head too.

As soon as the plot of "Roy", loaded with excess dose of romance takes off, it in a way tries to beguiles you by donning the hood of a dark psychological thriller. But as the frames move ahead that entire cloak of deception starts tearing off and a confused, cluttered and full of codswallop cine under-plot starts peeping out.

Ranbir Kapoor with Jacquline Fernandez in Roy movie

In fact it won't be wrong to say that "Roy" is gluing together of two thoroughly unrelated poppycock cine plots, affixed together because of the reasons best known to the makers. As far as logical validity or the engrossing potency of "Roy" is concerned then it is a big disaster on both the fronts.

Talking about the prevalence of predictability in the story line of "Roy" doesn't hold any relevance here because future of a folly can be no different from its present. So on the whole after seeing the dilapidated story line of "Roy" it is strictly recommended that Censor should also start gauging and barring the cine flicks on the basis of some "Agonizing metronome" to save the prudence of millions and millions of die hard cine buffs from falling prey to such baloney cine narrations. 

Ranbir Kapoor with Jacquline Fernandez in Roy movie

As far as screenplay of "Roy" is concerned then it is so shoddy and slow, that even a lame snail can outmaneuver it in performance matter. Besides, what adds to the devastation of the viewers is the sequential shift, which not only becomes cumbersome soon after the commencement, but also starts instigating you to leave the movie mid-way.

Ranbir Kapoor with Jacquline Fernandez in Roy movie

But one thing which remains consistent through out the run time of this 146 minutes long cigarette advertisement is the anti smoking disclaimer. With super falderal under-plot and a hokum screenplay, you constantly struggle to find out that which one out of two is worse. 

Ranbir Kapoor with Jacquline Fernandez in Roy movie

In fact we have often seen that even the most disastrous movie under this sky has at least a few such moments which viewers thoroughly enjoy, but as far as "Roy" is concerned then it has not even one such moment to boast about. Only thing pertaining to Roy's screenplay which may end up grabbing your attention is scienic locales of, Malaysia but because of a tedious cine narration and a sickening screenplay even DoP of "Roy" fails registering any impact. Editing of this haphazard collage is again a big let down.

Music of Ankit Tiwari up till some extent succeeds in emerging as the grace saver for "Roy" with "Tu Hai Ki Nahi" being the pick of the deck.But because of haywire placement even these aural gems get wasted and adversely impacts the pace of the narration.

Arjun Rampal with Jacquline Fernandez in Roy movie

We can very well understand that after "Besharam" debacle, Ranbir is badly in need of a hit. But that doesn't mean that this otherwise sinewy performer needs to stoop this low where he has to opt for movie like "Roy". Though presence of Ranbir in the movie somehow manages to fetch some whistle and clap, but with the proceeding ahead of the narration those flukes too wither away. 

Although we have seen Ranbir delivering his best whenever he appears on the big screen, but here in "Roy" this versatile lad looks totally disinterested and confused. If we leave a few thought provoking dialogues than through out the movie Ranbir's potential looks like getting wasted.

If we talk about movie's leading man Arjun Rampal then he too is thoroughly unconvincing and looks like a smoking mannequin which has nothing to offer in performance matters.

Jacqueline who up till some extent succeeded in securing some repute for herself after "Kick" doesn't get much space to flaunt her acting prowess and ends up being a mere glamour inducer.

Arjun Rampal with Jacquline Fernandez in Roy movie

Anupam Kher does thorough justice to his short lived character, but you feel sorry fore him as he doesn't get the kind of performance space which he deserves. As far as Rajat Kapoor is concerned then about him and his character I am still in dilemma that whether he was casted in the movie or did he get accidentally captured in the frames.

So to sum up, by now it may have become clear to many of you that "Roy" is one such tormenting cine experience which can make even a devil beg for his life. Be it story, screenplay or the performances everything pertaining to this cackle cine chronicle of Vikramjit Singh is so shoddy that you start losing your faith in the cine making capability of our Bollywooders.

But if we look at the brighter side of "Roy" than it is thoroughly educative for budding cinematicians too because it somewhere down the line educate them about WHAT NOT TO DO? If they really want to avoid the bestrew of the viewers for tormenting them. Therefore keeping view the presence of sinewy performer like,Ranbir I am going ahead with one out five for this codswallop painful trudge which doesn't deserve anything more than a half star.


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