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Khamoshiyan : Movie Review

Cast: Gurmeet Choudhary, Sapna Pubbi, Ali Fazal

Director: Karan Darra

Certainly every human surviving under this sky is a free soul, who is blessed with a right to do whatever his or her heart says. But this boon of almighty and even many of the states doesn't entitle anyone to inflict a torture on the other human. But I guess certain homo sapiens are immune to all such pro-social logic and always love to defy all such norms, in order to satiate their sadistic desires. And most unfortunate part pertaining to this axiom is that some of our Bollywoders love to adhere to this practice and inflict these ghastly acts on their fellow human. 

Khamoshiyan Poster

Though the aforementioned avowal may look too plebeian and disturbing to many, but factually this is not something more tormenting than the latest cine creation of Vikram Bhatt i.e. "Khamoshiyan". Probably by now majority of us have realized that Vikram Bhatt fosters an endless fascination for horror and erotica, but don't know why despite being a witness to debacles like "Creature 3D", "Horror Story", the man is unable to come over his this obsession (read addiction).

Sapna Pubbi in bikini

May be because of some latent pipe dream pertaining to worst that could happen. But after seeing this recent creation of Vikram Bhatt don't know why we are feeling that Vikram needs to visit some secluded manor like the one which is there in "Khamoshiyan" and need to introspect about his continuing with his most adored cine genre. 

Anyhow rest of the things afterwards, first of all let's apprise you about the premise of "Khamoshiyan". Primarily "Khamoshiyan" is the story of a "one novel wonder" kind of fiction writer, Kabir (Ali Fazal) who is struggling really hard to come up with his next creation because of bobbery and turmoil prevailing in his personal life.

Sapna Pubbi with Ali Fazal in Khamoshiyan

After having an ephemeral confrontation of a sort with his dilemma, Kabir decides to give his life a fresh start and opts to settle down for a while in the lap of seclusion to find his next story. 

Soon after leaving behind the pandemonium of his metropolis, Kabir reaches at a sequestered manor situated in the scenic milieu of Kashmir where he meets sizzling Meera (Sapna Pubbi) who is also the owner-cum-manager of a mansion turned guest house. As the premise strides ahead it apprises viewers about Meera's bedridden husband Jaydev (Gurmeet Chowdhry). 

Sapna Pubbi with Ali Fazal in Khamoshiyan

As the story keeps on rolling, Kabir starts feeling a craving for Meera. But her strange and suspicious behavior and some of the creepy things happening in the house start bothering the curiosity of Kabir who decides to unfurl the mystery of Meera and the eerie house. 

So does Kabir succeeds in doing so, and what about Meera's bedridden husband. To know you have a choice to watch this conceptual creation of Vikram Bhatt. 

Don't know whether it's only my sense-datum or many of you die hard admirers of Bollywood cine chronicles are also feeling the same. But I have an esthesis that these days our Bollywooders are going overboard with their fascination for horror. And worst part is that they are doing it so halfheartedly, that eventually there cine portrayals are ending up agonizing those watching them. And alas! Vikram is the man who is leading this herd of cine tormentor right from the front these days.

Sapna Pubbi with Ali Fazal in Khamoshiyan

Soon after settling down in your seat and watching the initial part of Khamoshiyan's premise you start realizing that the movie is thoroughly different from many of its predecessors, who bothered you in the recent past. And believe me up till some extent it looks to be. As far as basic story idea lying underneath "Khamoshiyan" is concerned then though there prevails a mild amount of monotony in the first half, but in spite of that it keeps your attention devoted to the onscreen proceedings and somehow manages to make you overlook the minor flaws. In fact it won't be wrong to say that by the time loo break arrives the curiosity of viewers reaches till the brim.

But then the disaster happens, where the second half starts compelling you to reach out to your pocket in search of a pain killer. Unlike the first half second half turns out to be something so confused and jumbled that you within no time starts cursing the story writer for making you feel like a guinea pig captivated in the experiment chamber of a merciless experimenter.
Sapna Pubbi with Ali Fazal in Khamoshiyan

Be it the engrossing potency of the content or the logical validity everything pertaining to the second half of "Khamoshiyan" is so sanity defying that the entire post interval run-time starts looking like a torturous and endless cine narration, compulsively crafted to make it reach beyond the 2 hours mark. So generous cipher for Vikram for unleashing his partially incubated creativity in story department.

As far as screenplay is concerned then it looks thoroughly inspired from a some Bhatt styled erotica, and the only addition lies in the depiction of fear factor. Where movie's director Karan Darra tries to induce some spooky coefficient with the help of some of the conventional cinematic props as old as the evolution of sea sponge or the jelly fish. And believe me these "Before Christ era" kind of cine antics of Karan where he makes books fly and "Aayega Aanewala" song play on an antique radio seldom succeed in sending across the chill down your spine. And rather all thises mocking antics look so sub-standard and outdated that you all of a sudden turn into an admirer of the kind of horror small screen horror series, Aahat use to offer. 

Sapna Pubbi with Ali Fazal in Khamoshiyan

If talk about erotica quotient then even that lacks the aesthetic value. Songs do nothing much except slowing the pace of the movie, dialogues are again logic defying and many a times compel you to bang your head on the wall. Background score of "Khamoshiyan" is no different and looks strictly OK. 

Music of Ankit Tiwari is very much similar to any other Bhatt styled cine cantata, but lacks that feel which many of those chart topping aural carols belonging to Bhatt cine enterprises had. 

After some of his previous cine stints Ali Fazal has phenomenally improved himself and unlike his previous cine outing "Bobby Jasoos" up till some extent manages to prove his abilities this time. 

Sapna Pubbi as mysterious and prurient damsel looks impressive but still needs someone to bring best out of her. Gurmeet in a stipulated screen appearance is good enough, but just like Sapna needs an adroit potter to give his potential an impressive shape. 

Sapna Pubbi with Ali Fazal in Khamoshiyan

To sum up, although horror erotica is one such muse of our Bollywooders which often succeeds in alluring the viewers. But on the hind side there is another maxim which suggests that same fragrance doesn't look charming every-time. And unfortunately "Khamoshiyan" miserably fails in emancipating the desired results for the makers.

If we talk about the ability of Vikram Bhatt to deal with this one of the most sought after genre then we have often seen him enthralling the masses by his understanding and depiction of horror and eroticism, but this time he seems to be struggling to weave the magic which he created with his previous cine enterprises belonging to the ilk. 

So after dishing out another partially incubated cine debacle in the form of "Khamoshiyan" we guess Vikram needs to understand that even those visiting the cineplexes to watch his movies are human beings, and inflicting such atrocities upon them in the shape of confused cine jumbles like Khamoshiyan is no less than an unpardonable sin.

Therefore keeping in view the overall execution of the movie, its entertaining potency and logical validity (from cinematic perspective) I am going ahead with generous one and half out of five stars for "Khamoshiyan" which is even more tormenting than ISIS brutalities.


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