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Happy Ending : Movie Review

Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Ileana D'Cruz, Kalki Koechlin, Govinda

Direction: Raj and DK

Right at the onset let me make a very confession about Happy Ending's not being my wish list and neither I was having many hopes with the movie after seeing the wrecking of Saif's potential in his last few cine debacles like "Bullet Raja" and "Humshakals". But after seeing this entire cine enterprise I hope just like me many of you won't repent spending your hard money on the ticket window. 

Happy Ending poster

As all of us know that out of a few cine genres which are blessed to emerge as winners at BO, Rom-Com styled cinematology or rather "Romedy" is also the one. Fortunately the cine creation of Krishna DK and Raj Nidimoru is the one belonging to this invincible ilk. 

Now after hearing about the "Romedy" stamping all over the packaging of this Saif, Ileana, Kalki and Ranvir Shorey starrer there are ample chances that you may start perceiving about the possibilities of its being deprived of novelty and freshness. Alas! it does lack it. But that doesn't mean that 'Happy Ending' is another run of a mill kind of yawn inducing cine affair, it certainly has its own moments which keep you charmed throughout. 

Ileana D'Cruz in Happy Ending

Anyhow let the other things follow afterwards, let's apprise you with the plot first. Well Happy Ending is about an LA based successful yet commitment phobic writer, Yudi (Saif Ali Khan) whose book was published almost 6 year ago. But he is still trying cash up on the reflected glory of the past along with his booze buddy Montu (Ranvir Shorey), without realizing that he (Yudi) is no more in demand.

With story moving ahead Yudi has a rendezvous with a middle aged actor Armaan (Govinda) who after conquering the single screens want to take multiplex by storms(that's what he claims). And in order to do so he hires Yudi to write a story for his upcoming DVD-inspired rom-com. But Yudi who is no longer in habit of writing finds it to be a herculean task and in order to have a good story idea tries to woo, Aanchal Reddy (Ileana D'cruz) a successful writer, who has been hired by publishers on Yudi's place. With frames rolling ahead Yudi falls in love with Aanchal, but alas! this time it's girl who is averse to commitments and she takes even her Gen-X romance with Yudi just like that. With story proceeding ahead Aanchal leaves US and returns to India. So what follows next. Does it turns out to be a 'Happy Ending' for Yudi and does he manage to keep his promise with Armaan? To know you have to watch this ROMEDY of Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK. 

Ileana D'Cruz in Happy Ending

After going through some of the initial lines and even the briefly explained plot one can easily gaze that just like any other Rom-Com even 'Happy Ending' has a narration which up-till some extent lacks that eminence which can push the viewers in the arena of elation. But on the basis of this assumption it will be wrong to deduce that it is something mundane in nature. And that's because it keeps you amused throughout the run time.

Well yeah there are certain junctures where 'Happy Ending' may remind you of some of the previous Saif starrer rom-coms like "Hum Tum", "Salaam Namaste", "Love Aaj Kal", "Cocktail" etc belonging to the same class. But that doesn't mean that it is another re-tailored edition of above mentioned cine flicks because just like any other cine potboilers crafted with the knitting needles of Romance and Comedy, 'Happy Ending' is entertaining in its own right. 

Happy Ending Movie Review

Writing or absence of innovation is certainly one of the frailties of 'Happy Ending' but it's not that disastrous as it could have been. And it's because of this chicness prevailing in the writing and scripting that first half of the movie keeps you engrossed in the onscreen proceedings. Though second half has some drag moments but even they are bearable up-till some extent. Besides another factor from the writing perspective which could have boomeranged for Happy Ending is the one where the makers tried to spoof the current day cine-psyche of Bollywooders, but thanks to their prudence that they never went overboard and even this cinematic gimmickry of theirs worked in the favor of the movie. Besides it's the witty dialogues which in large measure contribute to the entertainment coefficient of the movie.

Govinda in Happy Ending

As far as screenplay of 'Happy Ending' is concerned then it is as neat as flowing water. And it is this laudable peculiarity of Happy Ending's screenplay which makes even a common story-line look no less than an enticing one. Though a slight amount of astuteness on the editing front could have added a few more planks to finesse of Happy Ending but on the whole even the end product which has reached the cineplexes is OK enough to entertain the viewers, who have a fascination for light-hearted entertainment, sans any brain burdening redundant melodrama.

After trying their hand in movies like "Shor In City", "99" and zom-com "Go Goa Gone" this time the director duo Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK have tried to turn another leaf of their cinematology volume, where they may not have succeed in absolute terms but, in-spite of that somehow they have managed to keep the viewers entertained with their this Gen-Xster kind of cine offering. But yeah had they utilized the potential of sinewy performer like Govinda a bit more by stretching his screen presence then probably things would have been more desirable.


Well after seeing Saif's potential getting wasted in some of the cine debacles of his career like "Bullet Raja" and disastrous "Humshakals" it's thoroughly blissful to see him do what he is best at. In fact it won't be wrong to say Happy Ending is entirely Saif's movie where he dons the character of commitment phobic brat tailored to suite him. And believe me Saif performs his character in the movie with such an aplomb that you at once start sidelining the flaws prevailing in the movie. 

As far as Ileana's performance is concerned then just like her previous cine stints even here, she conveniently manages to carry the character with utmost dexterity. And the best part pertaining to her performances is that despite being in similar kind of performances-space every-time she never looks like being repetitive or mired by monotony. Ranveer Shorey the side kick or rather booze-bud of Saif too manages to grab the eye balls by his comic timing and ninny-hammer acts. At last but not the least, it's veteran thespian Govinda who up-till great extent manages to match the performance of Saif. Though Govida's potential remains underutilized throughout the run time of the movie, but in spite of that whenever this seasoned actor makes it to screen he seems to be at his performing best. Preity and Kareena with their respective cameos too manage to grab the eye balls.

Saif Ali Khan in Happy Ending

To sum up, 'Happy Ending' may not carry that peculiarity which could have made it a stand out or HATKE cine volume or it may not have the potency which could have pushed you in the arena of tremendous elation, but it is one such cine tale which keeps you amused. So ignoring some of its minor flaws and its being from an over-explored cine ilk I am going ahead with a good 3 stars for this "ROMEDY" I mean rom-com cine cantata which is a decent one time watch and worth every penny you spend on ticket window.


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