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Yoddha : Movie Review

Starring: Kuljinder Singh Sidhu,Rahul Dav,Girja Shankar,Unnati Davara,Nasar Khan,Mahabeer Bhullar,Haktor Sandhu,Ajay Jethi,Dinesh Sood,Sandeep Kapoor,Vicky Harwinder

Directed By:Mandeep Benipal

Sadda Haq producer Kuljinder Sidhu seems to have mastered the art of religio-commercial films. His latest Punjabi film Yoddha The Warrior is entirely a commercial, action packed flick which harps on the theme of injustice perpetrated by the political class in Punjab.

The movie, in a way justifies violence in view of the extreme exploitation of common people. It takes the support of Gurbani when it comes to picking up of arms against the police and the establishment. It enthrals the young viewers who are mighty thrilled with the catchy dialogues.

Yoddha Poster, Hindi Movie 2014 Directed By Mandeep Benipal

Another ingredient of commercial movies is witnessed in the embedded short love story of the hero Kuljinder Singh Sidhu with Navdeep Kaur.

During most of the film there is action which is passed as the religion oriented fight between good and bad.

Yoddha, Hindi Movie 2014 Directed By Mandeep Benipal

The plot of the movie is interesting which shows that a Non Resident Indian (NRI) hero is up in arms against those who had indulged in fake encounters during militancy in Punjab. Slowly the plot shows that the hero is under the guidance of a radical Sikh organisation, Damdami Taksal. The head of the Taksal is known as a Baba who keeps a flowing white beared and wears a 'Chola'. An island is the place where Taksal trains it's cadres.

A couple of songs are well sung and resonate with the theme and situations in the movie.

Yoddha Hindi Movie 2014 Directed By Mandeep Benipal

A thinking viewer surely relates the movie to the days of tyrany in Punjab from 1980s to 1993. The police high-handedness is depicted explicitly. Two Police Inspectors are shown as shot dead by the hero. There is also a reference to drug trade which is patronised by a political person who is refered as Deputy Chief Minister.The heroine is shot dead by gangsters and finally the hero takes revenge from all the accused.


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